by Pastor Greg Simon

Whatever God begins, He finishes. So often, humans begin projects only to soon set them aside, forgotten and unfinished. God is NOT like that. God completes what He begins; He finishes what He starts.

When God begins a work in a person’s life, He always sees it through. Our God is faithful. What He started, He will finish. Bad people can’t kill His purpose. Infirmity can’t block His power. Difficult circumstances don’t freeze Him. God is faithful to finish what He starts (Philippians 1:6).

He has promised to see us through. We may not know the answer as to when, but we can have confidence. Please, don’t let the enemy steal your joy because you’re feeling overwhelmed with the cares of life and worrying about how everything will turn out. Trust God to complete everything He has begun concerning your life and the lives of your loved ones. Look unto Jesus the Author and the FINISHER (Hebrews 12:2). God hasn’t left you alone.

The lyrics to “Way Maker” have been circling in my thoughts this morning.┬áIf David, the Psalmist and King of Israel, were alive today, he would probably be singing “Way Maker”. Arising out of West Africa, this worship song written by the Nigerian singer/songwriter Sinach is exploding in congregations around the world. As pandemic fears griped so many, we needed reminded that God has not abandoned us. The words of “Way Maker” reorient our eyes on the truth: “You are here.” When times like these feel dark, we need songs that point our eyes to the “light in the darkness.” In times of uncertainty, we respond in worship with a humble heart. Hearts are mending and lives are turning around, God is moving in our midst, working in Valley Fellowship. God won’t stop working!