Lord, I don’t get it!

Lord, I Don’t Get It!

by Pastor Greg Simon

Do you ever wish you were young enough to be comforted by crawling up in the lap of someone you know that loves you?

Rational minds can have a hard time understanding many things. Because I live in a body and my earthly experience is so grounded in time and space, many concepts are difficult to understand. But . . . I want to understand.

I really want to understand. Sometimes, I just don’t get it! I wish I understood how God knows everything I have done and will ever do. I can’t completely understand eternity or heaven. Creation is a huge subject. God’s speaks – boom! – life is created, but none of us were alive to witness it. I have studied the subject deeply but still wrestle with the tension between God’s sovereignty and my own free choice. Why the cross; why was Roman capital punishment the method preselected for Christ’s death? Why are some people instantly healed and others struggle with seemingly life-long pains? I want God to tell me why some of the most righteous people I have known died much earlier than I would have liked. I think many people at times struggle with that “betrayal barrier” – feeling as if God has somehow not done what we thought He should do. Continue reading “Lord, I don’t get it!”

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Four Doors to Joy in Life

Four Simple Ways to Experience Joy in Life by Pastor Greg Simon

Are you ready to open the door to joy? God designed us for His joy and has promised an inner supply of joy by His Spirit. God fills us with joy that is separate from any circumstance. Even in the middle of bad news, painful relationships, or unstable economics, we can have God’s joy strengthening our actual lives.

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