Approach2 ALTAR Greg Simon 5-21-20

BUILD AN ALTAR (Approach Part 2)

by Pastor Greg Simon

What was the first thing a person does who comes out of a time of quarantine? When Noah exited the Ark after the flood, he “built an altar to the Lord and took of every clean animal and of every clean bird and offered burnt offerings on the altar” (Genesis 8:20 MEV). Altars were significant in the lives of Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and all of the Old Testament saints. The altar serves as a meeting place between God and human beings.

In Christ, we have an open invitation to build an altar of prayer and worship and boldly approach God’s throne of grace (Hebrews 4:16). We need to come regularly into the presence of God in worship, to encounter Him, to receive an appropriate blessing at just the right moment. Altar worship transcends our weakness and acknowledges God’s power. We receive possibilities larger than we ever imagined. William Temple, Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury in the 1940s, is known for saying, ‘When I pray, coincidences happen, and when I don’t, they don’t.’

Connect with Heaven. Thank God that you are still alive and God is still at work. Pray; worship; expect the supernatural. Build an altar and come expectantly to the throne. Approach with simplicity and trust like a child to a father. Discover fresh perspective, peace, and patience. “With privilege, approach the throne of grace … and find an appropriate blessing, coming just at the right moment” (Hebrews 4:16 AMP).