Prayer Changes Things

Prayer Changes Things

We value fervent prayer.

Prayer is the God-designed method for obtaining what we need and for accomplishing God’s purposes – in an area, in a church, in a family, and even into the smallest details of our personal lives. Prayer is powerful in the face of every situation – problems, joys, conflicts, conversations, victories, and defeats. Prayer changes people’s destinies. We never realize fully the dramatic changes God orchestrates in response to persistent prayer.

“The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16b NIV)

We desperately need resources which only God can give and which only prayer releases. Prayer unlocks heaven’s treasure chest of abundance. Far too often we neglect prayer to our detriment. We miss out on the rewards following faithful prayer. In the classic work How to Pray, R.A. Torrey encourages constant, persistent, overcoming prayer. On pages 26-30, he highlights four broad areas where prayer accomplishes much:

1) Prayer promotes our spiritual growth as almost nothing else, indeed as nothing else but Bible study; and true prayer and true Bible study go hand in hand.

2) Prayer brings power into our work. If we wish power for any work to which God calls us, be it preaching, teaching, personal work, or the rearing of our children, we can get it by earnest prayer.

3) Prayer avails for the conversion of others. There are few converted in this world unless in connection with some one’s prayers. Prayer often avails where everything else fails.

4) Prayer brings blessings to the church. The devil hates the church and seeks in every way to block its progress; now by false doctrine, again by division, again by inward corruption of life. But by prayer, a clear way can be made through everything. Prayer will root out heresy, allay misunderstanding, sweep away jealousies and animosities, obliterate immoralities, and bring in the full tide of God’s reviving grace.

Prayer changes things. Prayer connects us to things we need, but more importantly, prayer connects us with our Heavenly Father (oh, and He wants to meet with us!). Ultimately, prayer is really not focused on getting things from God; prayer focuses us to get with God. Have you connected with God today? Heaven Father is waiting. Let’s pray!