Prayer Changes Things

Prayer Changes Things

We value fervent prayer.

Prayer is the God-designed method for obtaining what we need and for accomplishing God’s purposes – in an area, in a church, in a family, and even into the smallest details of our personal lives. Prayer is powerful in the face of every situation – problems, joys, conflicts, conversations, victories, and defeats. Prayer changes people’s destinies. We never realize fully the dramatic changes God orchestrates in response to persistent prayer. Continue reading “Prayer Changes Things”

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Service is Love in Work Clothes

Service is Love in Work Clothes

We love neighbors and nations.

Words expressing servanthood are used more than 300 times in the New Testament but the Biblical idea of service contradicts the ME-FIRST-generation with its emphasis on self and being all I can be.

Being a servant doesn’t mean that I let other people walk over me. Service doesn’t mean, “I’ll do whatever YOU want to do.” Actually, to be a good servant I must have a clear sense of mission, of purpose, of calling. I need to respond to the God call of service. How is God asking you to serve others? I am not asking what other people think you should do, but what is God calling you to do?

The Apostle Peter urges us to “use whatever gift he has received to serve othersfaithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms” (1 Peter 4:10 NIV). Are you utilizing your gifts and abilities to faithfully fulfill kingdom responsibilities? Are you yielding your gifts and abilities to allow God’s Word to be communicated? Are you empowering your gifts and abilities by drawing from the ready-supply of God’s strength? Are you directing your gifts and abilities to bring praise and glory to Jesus Christ? As we join together, we accomplish great things.

Continue reading “Service is Love in Work Clothes”